Wednesday, November 3, 2010

They're Here

The excavators are coming, the excavators are coming...

We had been wondering what the status was of the excavators, since we hadn't really heard from them and past experience has taught us that working with contractors can be a bit of a circus.

I had called them and he said they would eventually bring the heavy equipment over and hopefully begin in a week or so. How's that for vague? In all fairness, the excavator, Dan Clay, has been about as professional and reliable as I've ever seen. JF has always come when he said he would, always returns calls, and has up front and straightforward about everything, so I can't complain.

Anyway, we were sitting around waiting, when two nights ago R came home from work and said there was a big excavator sitting in our driveway.


I went out there and sure enough, they had arrived. JF then called me to say that they had finished job early and would begin on our septic system this Thursday.

Whoa, are things cooking along, or what? I had to scramble out to the barn to clear an area where they will work, not to mention indicate where we want the pipes to come out. Also, I fired up my trusty chainsaw and attempted to cut that beast of a log in two. The thing is massive, and I think I cut about 99.7% of it, but it's so big I can't tell if I've gone all the way through, and I don't want the saw to dig into the ground.

Oh well, when he picks the thing up with the excavator, it should snap in two. I asked him to move the thing to where the lumber guys can pick it up, but that's a drama for another blog entry. In the meantime, if things work out right, which of course they never do, we may have a septic system installed one day. Then again, there are always complications, so stay tuned for more.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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