Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fringe Benefits of the New Septic System

We had to do some quick thinking when the excavators were here, but we managed to come out the other end fairly unscathed. We were just glad that it was done, and now that it is, not only do we have a septic system ready to go, but we have a new playground to frolic in. They cleared away a large swath of the yard in order to get that system done, and in the process, cleared away a fairly tenacious plot of milkweed, goldenrod, and raspberries.

It's actually really nice back there, and I think they plan on seeding it with grass, so it will make a nice yard to go with the finished barn. Whatever be the case, the big dirt plot meant it was time to break out the bikes and do some off road riding.

It's a good thing the weather warmed up. Thanks for reading.

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