Sunday, November 14, 2010

FEBP Decisions

The FEBP is moving along nicely, and we are well on the way to finishing the step. In fact, we could possibly start putting in clapboards in the next week or so, but that could be getting too crazy, even for me.

I installed the wood board for the step, and that went fairly well. I was worried about getting enough pitch, and ended up erring on the side of caution and giving it more pitch than I might have needed. I accomplished this by putting shims under the plywood, which I then put I&W shield over, then puts shims over that.

I thought the pitch would be too crazy, though it sure as heck would shift the water away from the house, but it wasn't so bad. In fact, it looked good, and I'm glad I took that approach. I secured the board with galvanized screws, then caulked the heck out of the gap, which wasn't too bad. I then put flashing (aluminum foil tape) over the caulk, and then laid the Tyvek over that.

Is that crazy, or what? I think the setup does a fairly good job of taking into account that dreaded drop of water. Think like a droplet, like they say.

Now that the step is installed, I'll put in the trim, and then it's time for clapboards. I don't think I'll be able to paint it this season, but the boards are primed, so I can leave them until next year. I'm kind of excited.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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