Sunday, November 7, 2010

Septic Ideas

Since we did a fairly drastic change in our floor plan and had to do an about face on where the septic tank will be, it goes without saying that the whole scenario filled me with anxiety. How the heck were we going to pull this off now?

At least for now, the septic pipe has been laid and is now eagerly awaiting a grand union with a toilet and sink... or two, or three!

Truth be told, I wasn't that stressed, because I knew we could work something out (nothing a reciprocating saw and a hammer can't fix), but I was also just relieved to get some big challenges out of the way, namely the septic system and those darn logs (still dealing with those).

B the plumber (I still don't know his last name) came over and we talked, and he is so calm and relaxed, maybe just confident, that any concerns I had were put to rest. He even suggested something that I was thinking about, which was to shift the bathroom plan and make a small 1/2 bath next to the kitchen, just in case you're doing the dishes and beckons, and then put the bigger bathroom upstairs. This gives us much many more options for the design.

Now that the septic system is in, we have the wonderful task of coming up with a design, which based on past experience, should only take about a year. Of course, we'll need some feedback on the design from my in-laws, who will be visiting over the holidays and can chime in on what they'd like to see. This is everyone's golden opportunity to design a bathroom from the ground up, so everyone should give it some thought.

A family affair. How can you beat that?

Until then, thanks for reading.

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