Thursday, November 11, 2010

Small Steps (no pun intended) on the FEBP

I finally took out that long board that I'm going to use for the front step and cut it to size, then stained/treated it. I went with the Cabot silicone based waterproofing, which is a new product and not yet time tested, but it is water based, which I liked, and comes in clear stains.

My biggest worry was screwing up the cutting, because it's such a big piece, and if I blew it, then I wasn't sure what to do with the thing. I think I got it right, it fits, after all. I need to secure it with screws, but before I get too crazy with that, I'll need to measure out some trim, and make some flashing. I figure before I secure the board, at least I should have everything ready so that I can get it all done before it starts to rain. The way it is now, if it does rain and get wet, I can lift the board off and let it dry underneath.

Still not sure if I should put spacers under the board, though I did find a potential solution, though it would require some searching as well as more work, but what else is new?

Until then, thanks for reading.

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