Friday, November 5, 2010

Siding Enlightenment

Speaking of options, we have even more options for our barn siding. Again, the original plan was to put a coat of weathering stain and let nature take its course. The stain is an oil based product, which makes it a pain for cleaning and disposal. I'd been told that oil products were not the same as they used to be, mainly because they've made them safer. With that in mind, what were my options?

It turns out that Benjamin Moore makes a latex stain that is clear but has some light pigment similar to the Cabot Oil Stain. The product is called Arborcoat, and it is better for the environment an easier to clean/dispose. I.e., I don't have to wait until hazardous waste pickup.

I called the guys at B Moore and naturally they endorsed their product. I think I'm leaning towards it, I just need to give it a try and see how it looks. If it's okay, then I'm all for it, and we can begin the seemingly interminable task of painting the siding and then putting it on.

Then again, I have to order the stuff first. Until then, thanks for reading.

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