Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wood Pile OCD

It seems as if I've jumped out of the pot and into the fire. I managed to move all the blocks of wood from the landing to the woods (5 cords by wheelbarrow), but now I've got to split it all. There's a lot of wood.

My goal, as I've mentioned ad nauseum, is to split it all, then cut up the pile and begin splitting that. I hope to have the uncut logs gone by next spring to accommodate another load. That way, I can have two years drying and ready, and a third year drying, as well.

I confess to having OCD about this, but I've found that even after two years of drying, our wood still hisses in the fire. What's up with that? I figure that I'll split this pile of blocks, and that should fill year 2, with wood leftover for year 3, which will dry in the woods. Next spring, when year 1 is spent, I can begin stacking year 3 with the wood that is split and drying in the woods. That way, it will have a head start and be dry enough to be incredibly heat efficient. At least that's how it goes in theory.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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