Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting the Window In

I finally got the window framed and installed in the kitchen, and for the record, the picture does not do it any justice. The new glass is amazing, and it is so clear that N even commented that it looked like there was nothing there. Just goes to show you how bad the previous glass was.

Of course, I screwed up a few things, but not enough to prevent its installation, and not a day too soon. It has been cool, gray, rainy and bleak out here, but at least we can see it clearly with our new window.

I ran into problems putting in the trim/molding. The trim had two widths, and I naturally chose the wrong one to stick out from the glass. I should have tested both orientations, but tried instead to logically think it through. Just goes to show you how thinking only gets you into trouble.

I also was a bit confused (what else is new?) about how to properly caulk the pane. Do you caulk it to the frame, or the molding, or both? The previous owners caulked it to the molding and not the frame, which made it much easier to remove. In what seemed like good foresight, I did the same, but we shall see.

Whatever be the case, my anal-retentive side wants to rip the trim out and put in a new one, but first I have to go get it and then stain it and cut it. The way it is now will hold until Spring, but I may have to take it out before that. We'll see.

Otherwise, it looks great. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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