Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making Contact with Dan Clay Excavating

I've resolved to get this darn septic system done before the end of the year, or rather Winter's arrival. The first step was to look at the plans and decide what we wanted, and then relay this information to the excavator, who I was hoping was still interested in doing the job. If not, then I was going to have to borrow N's front-end loader (pictured here) and do the job myself, though he might not be willing to let me use it for too long.

Two years ago (was it that long ago?), the main concern that was voiced by the excavator was if we could move the tank and allowable distances were covered. This, of course, paralyzed me into doing nothing, so I put it off for months. Finally I looked at the plan and realized that moving the tank would not change plans radically, as long as the minimum isolation distances were met. Listen to me, like I know what I'm talking about.

I called the excavator, Dan Clay Excavating, and spoke with JH, and it turns out that he didn't think we were total loser (maybe a little) and was still willing and ready to do the job. He even said he could come over that day to have a look at the changes we proposed.

We talked about the placement of the tank, he thought it was doable, but wanted to confirm it with the engineer. He even gave me two pieces of fabulous information. First off, they would cut the concrete foundation and lay the pipe, all we needed to do was tell them where to put the hole. Secondly, he said he could move those big logs to more accessible location.

Wow, serendipity shines on us, but I won't get too excited until the work is actually done. I hate to be so cynical, but this aspect of this project has really stalled.

We'll wait and see, but we're hoping to get this septic system in before Winter arrives.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to homero chapa for the pic.

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