Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Search for Studs

Searching for studs, the story of my life. We need to secure the frame to the joists, but the question becomes, how to find the ceiling joists. Actually, the ceiling boards are nailed to something, which I would assume are the joists, but can I be sure?

Enter modern technology. I went to Home Depot, feeling more and more like a real-man, of course, and bought a stud finder. I had one which stopped working, and when it did work, only worked on drywall. I needed something a bit more serious, and found one with a "deep-stud" function. How cool is that?

The minute I got it home, N wasted no time in opening it and figuring out how it worked. You could hear the beeping of the detector throughout the house as he experimented with its sensitivity. I then set about installing the frame.

I first installed a second PT sill plate over the first, then had to decide how to install the studs. Should I go perpendicular to the sill, or flush with the wall, which is at an angle. I went with the latter, which brought up question #2. Should I place the second stud flush with the first stud, or should I space them apart? This is complicated by the fact that the first stud is at an angle, and the second stud will be directly perpendicular to the sill (see pics for some insight into this).

This time, I opted for the former. My thinking was that I would put the second stud right next to the first and then fill the small gap with expanding foam. Then I'll stuff insulation into the gap before nailing the sheathing. How's that for a plan?

With the studs and the top plate secured, I then screwed the top plate into the joists, which I could now find with my "bionic" stud finder, which worked beautifully.

With the outer frame in place, I could now set about framing the door and side windows. I measured the entire span of the door/windows and then marked off that amount of space on the new frame. My plan was to work within these boundaries to frame in the door, and then await the arrival of Bob Vila's doppelganger, JH, to actually move the door and windows. This should be good.

I did not secure the door studs for fear of making a mistake. Then again, that's the beauty of framing. If you make a mistake, simply break out the sledge hammer and fix-away. I love that.

At the very least, I'll discuss with JH on the optimal placement of the door/studs. He's much better at taking careful measurements, not to mention being organized and cleaning up after himself.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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