Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Wheelbarrow Advice from RR

I was all ready to go out and buy a new wheelbarrow when my father in-law RR gave me some great advice. The problem is that our wheelbarrow takes a beating, we really put that thing to the test. I use it all the time to haul firewood, but also big blocks of wood that need to be split. There are times when I'm sure there several hundred pounds in that thing, which makes it a challenge to move.

The steel bed has become a bit warped from all that usage, and the bottom rubs against the wheel. As you can imagine, this is not a good thing. I could beat the metal back in place, that seems counterproductive, and I contacted the hardware store where I'd purchased it and they indicated that you can't replace the bed.

So I was left with getting a new one. This was not a bad plan, because the old one that we use in the garden to haul weeds completely fell apart. I was going to simply replace the old with the less-old one, and get a new one for hauling wood.

However, RR mentioned that I could just shim the handles, thereby lifting the bed enough to give the wheel more clearance. Wow, sheer genius. They always say, before beginning any project, spend some time doing nothing other than looking at the situation. From this, ideas will come. I should learn to do this more often.

Now I don't need to get a new wheelbarrow, though I still have to deal with the really old one. Like I need another project? Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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