Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Installing the Door

In a testament to human fortitude and determination (or rather the miracle of JH's magic bag of tools), we managed to get the door in, and not a day too soon. The weather is getting cool.

JH really came through because he came over on Tuesday, which is earlier than usual, but he may have sensed an air of desperation in my voice because I needed to get that door in before it got too cold.

Whatever be the case, he came over after his work and we went to work. Because it was late, at some point we needed to work by night light, but by that point, most of the work had been done.

I will say this, getting that thing in was a lot easier than getting it out. You begin to realize why S&MG did things the way they did, and having not emulated their ways, it could very well come back to haunt us, but what else is new? Afterward we had some food with, of course, a beer. What else would a real man in training (RMIT) do?

It sure felt good to get that thing in, and yet another example of taking on a project that was incredibly daunting and intimidating, but growing by leaps and bounds from having gone for it. The alternative would have been to hire someone to do it and simply be an observer. This is not acceptable for a RMIT, and a good lesson to apply to life as a whole, not just building.

Now I've got to seal the cracks, then work on that step, but let me bask for a moment in the warm glow of accomplishment... okay, I'm finished.

When you're a RMIT, you savor these moments. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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