Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not Quite Man Enough

In a clear blow to my path towards manhood, I took a huge step back. I didn't have the "huevos" to stand on the roof and clean the chimney, though was I ever close.

I borrowed a ladder from my neighbor KJ and rigged it with pipe insulation to protect the roof and hooks to hold it up. I then extended our ladder and climbed up and hooked the other ladder over the apex of the roof. I then went through this whole rigmarole to tie a rope to the ladder and then connect it to the tree in the back so it wouldn't slide down. I also connected my harness line to a board in a window, so I wouldn't tumble down the other side.

I climbed to the top, but once I was there, I couldn't take that first step over to the other side. Besides thinking that it was steeper than I thought it would be, I was also worried that I wouldn't be able to get back onto the ladder going back down. I know, excuses, excuses, but things are different when you're thirty feet up. I think it would have helped if I was lined up with the chimney, then if I slid down, at least I would have hit that.

Either way, I bailed. I decided to head back down and call a Tom Cady, the chimney sweep. This may sound like justification, but when I called them and hoped for a quick appointment, at least before our company arrived, they said they could come the next day because they had a cancellation.

A sign, perhaps, or simply explaining away my inadequacies? Whatever be the case, I'm hoping the chimney will get cleaned.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.


MMP said...

I get very nerved up doing my chimney. And mine sounds simpler, right at the peak, never get off the ladder. Thirty five feet up looks a lot higher looking down than it does looking up.

phredude said...

Hey MMP,

I wish I didn't have to get off that ladder, but no such luck on this end. I think I'll get there one day, with enough ropes tied to assorted trees to catch my fall. It's really more the thought of it rather than the actual danger. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.