Monday, September 20, 2010

Firewood and Making Up For Lost Time

About two days ago I started moving and splitting firewood for the first time in what seems like months. Our entire Summer has been dominated by dumplings, so much so that I have truly neglected all other aspects of our lives. That's just not right.

With Fall pretty much here and Winter on the horizon, I need to get back to work. Fortunately we have most if not all of this Winter's wood stacked and drying (for a year), but my goal has always been to have 2 years worth seasoning. I'm now hoping to get that second year stacked and covered before the snow comes, but we'll see how that goes. Fortunately, it's cooled off a lot and the situation is not desperate. The disadvantage of those kinds of situations is that I tend to ignore them.

Anyway, I started splitting wood in earnest a few days ago, and it sure felt good to be outside and working like a real man (in training), especially when tangible things are being done. Best of all, N likes to join in or help out, A to a lesser degree, and it makes for a nice time. While they cannot handle the maul, which I can barely handle, they are both excellent at splitting kindling with a small hatchet, and they love to help me stack the wood. I love when they help me, and unlike making dumplings, it's not stressful and doesn't fill me with despair.

We are about 20% done, thanks also the efforts of my father-in-law RR, who did a stand up job when he was here. I think we're in pretty good shape, but before you know it, Winter will be here and that stack will begin to shrink faster than you can imagine.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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