Friday, June 10, 2011

Yard Gone Wild

Our grass is growing at an amazing clip, no pun intended, and I have lawn OCD, so it should make for quite a neurotic Summer. I had resolved to be on top of the lawn, especially since I’ve been seeding it every Spring and Fall in an effort to rejuvenate it. Wow, rejuvenation sure seems to be a theme in my life. Why is that?

The seeding aspect seems to be working, and I have even gotten the seal of approval from the kids, who are the most discriminating of critics, not holding back on their thoughts. They are always commenting on “other people’s” lawn and how green and lush they look, as opposed to our lawn. I always tell them, be patient, our grass just grows slower, and sure enough, it’s looking pretty green these days. A far cry from years past when the voles decimated it and brown and dusty.

Of course, with greener lawns come a greater need to mow the darn thing, and I’m guessing due to the excessive amounts of rain we’ve gotten, it’s growing fast. Getting a good workout from our mower, which I’m grateful started up this Spring. Yard machine maintenance is a whole other issue which I won’t get into at this moment.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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