Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crawling Along

Moving right along, albeit at a snail’s pace, we made some progress on the barn. HH came over and we finished putting the blocking in, and then installed the strapping to hold the soffit. The more we do it, the more I’m convinced that I could do it myself, if I only had the time.

We worked for about two hours, and then it started to rain. HH said she couldn’t make it on Tue, so that meant I am once again on my own, just the way I like it. I need to install the strapping on the fascia and then nail in the soffit, which is cut and painted. It needs vent holes and then a protective screen, then we’re ready to rock and roll.

It would be nice if the weather cleared up on a consistent basis, but you can’t have it all. HH is going on vacation for two weeks, so my goal is to get as much of the soffit done while she is away as possible. Nothing a little Elmer’s Glue and duct tape won’t take care of.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Levi Szekeres for the pic.

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