Wednesday, April 27, 2011


People tease me that I have OCD when it comes to firewood, and I don’t deny this for a second. Something about wood and trees that really captures my attention. When the wood is all cut and stacked up, I love the way it looks, and sometimes, dare I say, I look at it with a bit of affection, which is not completely unreasonable in light of the fact that it represents a lot of time and hard work.

Best of all, after all the effort to prepare it, we simply tear it down and burn it. You have to love this process, and once the snow and ice melt, it’s time to start rebuilding the wood pile. This, of course, includes cutting up a load of tree length wood then hauling it to the splitting zone.

It’s an amazing amount of work, but a process that we’ve chosen to embrace. We could employ more machinery, but I like the workout, and it’s better for the environment. Plus, if we chose an easier route, I’d have less to whine about in this blog.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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