Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let the Painting Begin

R has been complaining about the trim throughout the house, or should I say expressing disdain, because she wishes that it was white instead of the blue-ish gray that it is. Naturally I felt like doing it myself rather than hiring (and paying for) a professional to do it. Painting, at least in my ignorant mind, is not rocket science. Plus, with the weather being so cold and snowy, I can’t do much outside, so indoor projects that will win me man points are always a bonus. The problems you run into are fumes and smell.

Recently, however, there has been a push within the paint industry to make more eco-friendly paints and stains, which means low-VOX and even better, no-VOX. VOX refers to volatile chemicals that are bad for us. This movement coincides with the eventual phasing out of oil-based paints. I know purists will lament this fact, but from a novice’s POV, I can’t tell the difference in quality, and I would much rather have a cleaner, healthier product.

Enter Benjamin Moore Natura paints. Now I’m sure there are all sorts of brands out there that have these attributes, but people in the know seem to gravitate to BM, and until something better comes along, that’s good enough for me. I went with the Natura semi-gloss white, no VOX interior latex. I’ve even done one window already, and no smell or fumes. It’s beautiful.

Now I can get some stuff done before the warm weather sets in. I love being efficient, especially when it makes R happy.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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