Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to the Barn

We have to stop dawdling with the barn and get the show on the road. There are a few priorities that we must get done, sooner than later. First, we need to design the bathrooms and get the plumber out here to put in the pipes. We also need to put in the soffit and the siding. If we can pull these things off, the next thing will be electricity, and then insulation and then the floor.

I will probably have to consult with my Mentor, or my brother in law, PR, about the order of things. There will be trim to cut and install, as well as interior walls to knock out and put in. I may very well have to break out the table saw, because there will be a lot of cutting involved.

The whole thing makes me anxious, but that’s when real men take action, right? Until then, thanks for reading.

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