Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Possible Barn Solution

As I mentioned, the barn has been slow going, but we may have happened upon a partial solution, and if works it, it means that the project will move along at not only a quicker pace, but a more competent and capable one, as well.

Our good friend HH is a former contractor, and she mentioned that if I needed a hand in working on the barn, to give her a call. I assumed that in addition to the friendly assistance, there would be a professional angle, as well, though money never came up. Like all of us, she would benefit from the income. Now I don’t know what her rate is, but part of the reason I’m doing a lot of the work is to save money, so if she charges standard contractor fees, it won’t work out.

However, if she is just looking to make some dough and would accept a lower rate, then this could work out beautifully. Not only is she experienced, but she has the wisdom and insight to lead the project, and she has the tools, being a professional and all. She’s got a nail gun, as well as one of those things that shoots nails into concrete, which we will need.

The point is, if could afford her and she were to come on board, it would move the project forward at a much greater clip. This, of course, would mean that we could get the barn finished and R’s parents could move in ASAP. Hey, you never know.

Either way, we’ll see how this goes. This is nice because HH is our friend and her kids are our kid’s friends, and we might be able to help her out with some income while she’s in-between jobs and I could get the help I need to accomplish something that clearly I am incapable of accomplishing.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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