Monday, August 2, 2010

Weed Whacker

I've upgraded a bit, kind of/sort of. When we first moved into this house, I went out and bought a cheap weed-whacker at Welch's in Woodstock. It was about $30 and electric, requiring about 100 feet of extension cord, of which I only had about 50. I used it sparingly but getting all that cord together, never mind using it, was a chore. I think the lawn around the edges of the house suffered, accordingly. Mind you, it worked when I used it, but at some point it almost seemed easier to cut the long grass with some scissors.

With the garden giving us problems and the all weeds taking over parts of the yard, I decided that we really needed a gas powered weeder. Nothing fancy, just something to use now and then, but even cheap weed-whackers are expensive, running you around $150. I spoke with JH and he said he uses a good Stihl one and that it is really worth it to spend the money and get a good one because the cheap ones will come back to haunt you.

What I was hearing was that R would kill me if I spent $200 on a weed-whacker, even if it had an electric can opener attachment.

I was pretty much resigned to keep the old electric one, and even figured out how to replace the cutting wire, which for the record is not easy and convenient, requiring that I removed the empty spool, disassemble it, and then manually spool the new wire with my hand. You really get what you pay for.

Of course, I never learn my lessons properly. I was at Britton's the other day and lo and behold, they had a gas powered trimmer on sale for $50. I couldn't believe it. I wrestled with it and even went back a couple of times before finally buying it. R wasn't thrilled about it, her logic being that we have a weeder that works, why buy another one? If only she understood the male psyche.

I don't think $75 for two weeders over 5 years is that bad, do you?

Then again, who really cares what I think?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to tey teyoo for the pic.

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