Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Too Good to Be True

What a bummer. I thought we were home free with the track lighting, and there was a world of opportunity in replacing those darn lights, but we were once again denied. I get a sense that MG didn't go mainstream when she built and decorated this house. In other words, things like materials and fixtures were not purchased at Home Depot, but rather were custom built or procured at specialty shops. Case in point, these lights. I went to HD and they have an entire wall of track lights, but they all have a slightly bigger insert and don't fit into our track.

Now I have to go out in search of the right size, which is difficult when you have no free time. Also, I need to bring the light with us in order to make sure I get the right thing, because as I've learned first hand, it's a drag when you get something home and it's the wrong thing.

I did in fact bring the light to HD and used it as a reference for the new one. The pointed out that the insert was slightly big, but it was probably not a problem, which of course was wrong. In all fairness, he was up front and open about this fact, I was just too eager to believe that a solution was so easily at hand. Live and learn.

For now, the search continues. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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