Monday, August 2, 2010

Dormer Time

The finishing of the roof means that there are assorted instances where I need to go in and clean up. The roofers explained to me that they needed to take out the trim and some of the clapboards in order to properly flash the roof against the sides of the dormers. I knew they were going to this, but it bummed R out to see the trim ripped out. Truth be told, the wood was damaged and rotting and needed to be replaced, so the current circumstances are a good impetus for me to get up there and replace them. Now if I could just find the time.


Then again, real men don't make excuses, they make houses. Right?


The first issue I had to deal with was how to get on the roof. Actually, getting on the roof is easy, but how to get up there without damaging the new roof was the conundrum. I didn't want to scratch the metal. Previously it was a piece of cake because I didn't really care what I did to the shingles, knowing that we were getting a new roof, anyway.

Now, I had to be careful. I got some mitts to put on the end of the ladder, and then put pipe insulation over bottom for protection. I must say, it worked out pretty well, and is even a little easier to work with than with the shingles, mainly because it slides so easily. I even got a thumbs up from JH, who is becoming my junior mentor in my real-man training. The guy knows everything, and if he doesn't know it, he knows someone who does. You can't beat that.


Anyway, I got up there and managed to repair one side of the dormer. I figure I'll rip off one side, replace the boards and then move to another corner. After all the wood is installed, I'll go back and paint. How's that for a plan?

One down, three to go. Best of all, because of the various stages of work, I can display before, during and after pics of the work being done. Bob Villa would be impressed.

One other amusing side-note is that I've been doing battle with wasps. They've taken up residence in the soffit (note the blue tape to cover the holes), and in order to work up there, I've had to seal up the entry/exit to their dens. Needless to say, they are not very happy about this, and as I try to cover the holes, they scramble outside and go on the attack.

Not wanting to use chemicals, I carry a fly swatter with me when I'm up there, and it must be quite a site when I'm swinging wildly at the wasps up there on the roof. It would be really funny if it wasn't so dangerous being up there. On days when N is helping me, I ask him to give me a warning and tell me when the wasps return, because they seem to run off and disappear and then come back for the sneak attack.

The problem is, N is so distracted that when the wasps do return, it's usually me who first notices them. When I look down to ask why he didn't warn me, he's often busy playing with rocks or bugs. Oh well, at least he's entertained.

I'm hoping to get all of the trim on the dormers done this week, if I can squeeze it in between life activities and the Grateful Dumpling. I will say this: boredom is never a theme in this household.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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