Sunday, August 8, 2010

Almost Done with Dormers

One dormer down, one to go. Wow, I sure seem to write a lot about dormers. Them and dumplings. Go figure.

I was a little worried about working on the new roof, but it hasn't been that bad. Talk to me after I try to clean the chimney, however.

The dormers took a beating after the roofers came, so I had to replace the trim and some of the clapboards. In all fairness, the side boards needed replacing in a bad way, so I am being forced into doing what had to be done. The clapboards are primed with white paint, so they don't match the ones that are already there.

Replacing clapboards is a bear of a job, but even more so when you're standing on the roof. But, after breaking my fair share, I've managed to replace them on one of the dormers. I even think I've figured out how to loosen them without destroying them, but they're so fragile, it's hard to avoid.

After replacing the trim and clapboards, I caulked the vertical seams, and I can move onto the next one. After all the caulking is done, I'll paint them, and voila! We'll be ready to paint them again, this time with the new color. Now common sense says to wait on painting the sideboards until I'm ready to put on the new color, but who knows when that's going to happen, and until then, we want our house to look nice for all the deer and woodchucks that pass through.

I'm hoping to get the second dormer done this week, then I can go up there and paint, because until the new paint is on, it has that unfinished look. As a contractor once said, "Take care of your house and show people that you love it." Or was that my Mentor that said that?

Thanks for reading.

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