Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Disappearance of Our Contractor

I've gotten some negative reports on our contractor, and he's yet to return my calls. In other words, here we go again. On the other hand, this could work out fortuitously because now we want to do the work ourselves. That is, of course, with the help of JH and his amazing bag of tools.

Our goal is to get that front door finished before Winter so that our house can return to looking normal. The front has been a mess for some time now. Our plan, as many of you know, is to extend the doorway and thereby shorten the porch.

In grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem that complicated. It's just framing. Sure, removing the door will be a task, but nothing a reciprocating saw can't handle. If we can locate the fastening screws, those can be removed without much damage. The nails, however, might need to be cut. One thing at a time, however.

I spoke with JM last night and he said we could leave the cement board as it is and simply frame over it. His main concern was that the new framing be secured to some part of the structural frame. I'm guessing he means the floor joists, or beams. I'm not sure what they're called.

So it will boil down to getting the lumber, thinking about where it will go, and then framing the thing. We can located the joists/beams because we have access to the basement. Once the rough outline of the frame is in, then the rest of it can be installed, and then door can be removed. The door part is what makes me anxious.

I also need to do some research into what sort of exterior flooring to use (decking, perhaps?) and how to seal the outside section so no water can get into the basement. Once the frame and door are in, the inside section is not as urgent because it will be sealed from the weather.

Wow, sounds easy, but it never works out that way. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

't buy good help in this town
won't return calls
will do it with JH, he's a believer, so am I

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