Friday, August 6, 2010

Front Entryway

It is amazing to me how you can look at a project and think that it will never get done, but by gradually persisting and continuing to tackle the problem, it will eventually get resolved.

Of course, this never happens to me. Case in point, the front entryway. This things has been in a state of arrest for almost a year, and there are certain individuals who are not happy about this fact. I understand completely, but some (many?) things are beyond the scope of my abilities and JH's tool kit. In all fairness, we were willing to give it a go, and kudos to JH for his willingness to even try. He's such a brave soul, he inspires me.

The end result, however, is that some serious framing will have to be done, so much so that it will require a professional. As JH and I were looking at it, the problem is pretty challenging. We need to change the pitch of the entry way so that water will not collect near the door, which is currently does, and will instead pitch to the ground. When it collects by the door, it seeps through the cracks and floods the basement. I've seen this firsthand and let me tell you, it ain't pretty.

Coupled with some rot on the floorboards, it looked pretty serious. So we had to call in the big guns. I contacted BM, and he came over to have a look. His assessment was quick and to the point. Either raise the door frame so you have enough room to change the pitch, or move the door forward and get rid of the porch.

Either approach will require ripping the door out of the frame and moving it, which is kind of serious stuff. Then again, being the framing machine that I am, I can see where he's going with this.

After talking it over with R, we've decided to move the door forward. This idea was sort of endorsed by BM because it was easier, might cost less, and also deals with the actual problem of water exposure on the front deck. It also gives us a tiny vestibule on the front door where we can keep our hats or scarves, which might be the only things that fit in that space.

We lose the porch, which is a bummer, but this situation has gone on long enough, and we're ready for a solution. A professional solution, that is.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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