Friday, August 27, 2010

Calling All Martha Stewarts

Now that we've gone to all this trouble and expense in putting a new roof on both houses, we have a conundrum. We don't think the gray roof works with the purple house, though we like the purple.

Our next decision will be to decide what color to paint the house, as well as the barn. Bear in mind that we are deep in the woods, so we are leaning towards earthier tones. I.e., white and yellow go well with a gray roof, but they are more fitting in a suburban setting on a nice tree-lined street.

In the woods, however, they might not work as well. So, maybe something more along the lines of red, blue, or gray.

Whatever be the case, we'd love to hear everyone and anyone's opinion, so please come out and speak up. Tell us what color you think would work best. We'd appreciate your feedback.

Until then, thanks for reading.


Allyson Duguay said...

Howdy, Phredude? How are the two houses doing by now? I wish you could update me more. I'm so excited on what color you paired with purple! You know what? I also love to have a place near the woods to stay in during a hunting vacation. I heard that houses by the woods have a strong foundation because the trees provide as a barrier from weather. Though, the debris from trees can damage the roof. I suggest you trim those branches near your house.
Allyson Duguay

Mariam said...

You must have a pretty decent livelihood since you own two properties. What do you do for a living? Anyway, I truly admire how these two houses look, especially the way the windows are positioned. It will definitely receive the ideal amount of natural light. Both structures have some similarities, but can tell the difference thru their designs. Plus, the angled roof is perfect to ward off all elements that will be hitting it.
Mariam Freame

Sasha Herrick said...

You're in the deep woods? Awesome! I've always wanted a house in the woods. The roofs look neat, by the way! Well, the gray roof with the purple side walls still looks good to me. It's been years. What paint did you end up using for your second house? Wow! What a great feeling having two big houses. Keep us updated!

Sasha Herrick