Saturday, August 15, 2009

Working Out, Electricity, and Our Mentor Coming Through

Though it should come as no surprise, my Mentor has been busy helping us get our lives together, at least in terms of getting home improvement done. If not for him, we'd nowhere, and fast. Actually, that's not true. It would just take ten years to get it done. Apparently he's found an electrician and a plumber, and he's nudging us along to get certain things done. He must think we're total losers (not too far off the bat) for acting so slow. His enthusiasm is appreciated.

I'm still working on finding out what's on the stupid deck, though again, it's hard to imagine that it's asbestos. Even still, if it were, that would suck. Once it's identified and deemed benign, I can rip that stuff off, but I need to know. It's actually beginning to worry me. I can't contact the installer because he's away, and the previous owners are away and I can't get an answer until a couple of days. I could have it analyzed, but am not sure who to contact, though I believe there are companies that are local that could test it. What a drag.

I've been doing my karate drills and practicing for my eventual test, but I'll leave it at that.

This whole ordeal with the light switch is bumming me out, I'm not sure what to do. The problem I face is that I need all my pieces to be lined up perfectly before I feel comfortable to begin, and things never work out that smoothly. I bought a new dimmer switch and it ended up having an extra wire, which I believe is the ground wire, but it's something new. I'll have to investigate, but will attempt to put the thing in this weekend. I don't want to be such a wimp.

We'll see where this all goes. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Victor Maltby for the pic.

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