Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lawn Advice and Out on the Tiles

I went to Longacres with samples of our garden in hand, and they told me we have strawberries and Creeping Charlie in our grass. The only way they saw to get rid of them is to pour on the herbicides, which seems crazy to me in an area where everyone gets their drinking water from wells. What are we thinking? Poison ourselves for the sake of having a nice green lawn? Pure idiocy, if you ask me.

Since there is no simple solution, we may very well have to resign ourselves to a lawn of weeds, though this battle is not yet over. As the kind and knowledgeable women of Longacres said, if it's green and can be mowed, no big deal. I'll go with that, for now.

I've got to finish the tiles so that I can move onto other things that I need and want to do, like cutting wood. Until then, thanks for reading.

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