Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Relinquishing the Key

For whatever reason, I was in possession of the key to open the karate dojo, and felt this huge burden of responsibility to be there not only on time, but early to let everyone in. I usually got to class about ten minutes before it began, because I am dependent on my wife getting home to watch the kids. With the key, it meant that I should get there earlier, though it's not imperative.

Yesterday, R was running a little late, and I knew they were testing a black belt, so I packed the kids into the truck, drove over, let everyone in, and then brought the kids back home. R was there by then, and it was a question of a few minutes, but I felt better having dealt with it.

And, sensei was there, so I gave him back the key, and now I'm absolved of having to be there early to open the door. Big relief, now I can focus on other important matters, like getting dinner ready for R when she gets home. Not easy being a homemaker, especially when you're trying to study karate at the same time.

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