Friday, March 13, 2009

Choosing My Chainsaw

People seem so relaxed about dropping several hundred dollars on equipment, it amazes me. Then again, when it comes to most serious stuff, you have no choice, it's expensive. I've narrowed my chainsaw search to a Stihl, even though my neighbor has a Husqvarna, as does his neighbor. It sort of boiled down to my gut feeling, and I went into it thinking Husqvarna all the way because that's what my buddy Jim has and promoted.

But I'm also a big and loyal fan of Joe's Equipment in W. Leb, and all they don't carry Husqvarna. Just Stihl and Jonsured (and Echo, but barely), and I've grown to trust them. It's still going to cost me a bundle, with chaps and helmet and boots, but I'm leaning to the 270. My friend G has the 280, and that has more power, but the 270 is about $100 less, and that's what they showed me and recommended. Obviously, bigger is better, but I think it's reasonable.

My karate instructor said he uses both Stihl and Husqvarna and says they're both great saws, but he mentioned that Husqvarna made their saws available to big chain stores, and the quality went down, whereas Stihl is adamant about only going through dealers. I kind of like that, though I know Husqvarna's still a great saw.

That's the way it is for this week, but things can change on a dime. Until then, thanks for reading.

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