Thursday, March 12, 2009

Firewood Karma and Mud Season

I took my first steps at being an assertive homeowner and community member by reporting a local road that was in disrepair. I even used that word, that sounds a bit pretentious in retrospect, but I didn't want to seem overbearing. It also might have seemed self-serving because the road in question just happens to be the one our house is on, but what are you going to do? Mud season is peaking it's head around the corner, and though we have our share of cold days still, it's been hovering around the high 40's on some days, and the mud is pretty serious.

Our road gets to be a swamp, and since we're one of the few families in Vermont that doesn't have 4-wheel drive, there have been a few instances when it wasn't for certain that we'd make it through. Fortunately the really bad sections are right in front of our neighbors, and since our neighbors are all true Vermonters (not necessarily natives), they have tractors and trucks, and have in the past bailed us out when we were stuck. Even still, best to avoid those situations.

I was told to call the town center and let them know about the problem, it's the only way they know, so I did. I spoke with the town manager, B, who is kind of like the mayor, and he knew who I was. That was kind of cool for a Flatlander. I've met him on a few occasions, and he's a great guy, but never figured that he actually remembered my name, but such is the way of small town life. You've got to love that. He said he'd put the road on the list and they'd take a look at it. I'm sure they're inundated with complaints, and at some point they'll probably re-surface our road with hard pack. The temp has dropped so it's probably more manageable, but in the next few weeks it'll be a disaster.

In fact, looking around our house, I can't help but think that this mud season is going to be a whopper. Last year we lucked out, Spring was short and dry, just right if you ask me. I'm guessing this year we won't be so lucky, but you never know.

I was talking to my friend, P, about firewood and he's a true Vermonter. Of course I was curious about where he got his, and he told me he buys several cords a year, up to six, at $200 a pop. I was floored, that's expensive for so much wood, and later realized that he might have been yanking my chain in an effort to be coy about his source, much like I've been in the past about mine. So my firewood karma is coming back to haunt me, but I guess I'm getting what I deserve.

Either way, I don't know that's what he was doing for sure, and in the end, if and when I get my chainsaw, it will undoubtedly open up more options.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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