Sunday, March 25, 2012

Traumatized by Door Knobs

KB told me to pick out some door knobs, which meant going to Home Depot and making some choices. Naturally, this filled me with anxiety and dread, and to top it all off, I failed miserably (I can sense my Mentor shaking his head). Now in my defense, there were dozens of choices, which in and of itself is ridiculous, but then I had the hardest time finding the actual pieces. This was complicated by the fact that N was sitting patiently waiting for me, and I felt bad because I had been dragging him all over town running assorted chores. I think it would be better to go by myself next time.

Either way, it wasn’t pretty. As I mentioned, it was hard enough just coming to a final decision. In addition to choosing a style, I had to choose a color, tone, and type of finish. R mentioned she’d prefer just your basic round doorknob, and to maybe go with a metallic tone. Of course, most of the choices were gold or brass, and few silver and round ones looked like something you see in an office building.

When I finally found one that was sort of close to what I thought we were looking for, I couldn’t find the actual piece in the shelves. It seemed like they only had some of the selections available. I was about to find someone to ask for help, which is no easy task in HD, though their customer service has improved dramatically, when I decided to forget it and get out of there. I was either going to have to bring R along next time, or go online.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to sctatepdx for the pic.

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