Friday, March 30, 2012

Seeding and Feeding

In years past there is still ice and snow on the ground, so the grass is not accessible, but this has been a crazy winter and spring. Not only is there no snow, but it got really warm a few weeks back, though now it’s cold and windy. Either way, when the weather was nice, I decided to do some seeding and fertilizing. The main goal is to get the front grass (actually, all of the grass) growing nice and green without the use of chemical fertilizers or weed killers. Nasty stuff, just to get your lawn to look nice, especially if you get your water from a well. Somehow all that time, money and effort to make your lawn flawless seems a bit misguided, but that’s just me being a prig.

I have grass seeds left over from last year, I got the big bag from Whites, and I used it up. Truth be told, the grass is looking okay. I was hoping that constantly seeding, the grass might one day overtake all the weeds. Here’s to wishful thinking. I also fertilized the blueberry bushes, which are the other big horticultural challenge in my life. I know the first ones we planted, or rather transplanted, I did everything wrong, and they were on the brink of extinction before I did some intervention. I don’t know if I was in time, but I sure hope I was.

When we got new ones from the local gardening club, I tried to do it right this time around. This meant peat moss, acidic fertilizer, and acidifying the soil, finished off with some acidic mulch. It’s way too early to tell how they’ll do, but I can see buds on all the plants, even the old ones, so you just never know, do you?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to प्रतीक for the pic.

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