Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clock is Ticking

Almost a week has passed and I haven’t done a thing that KB asked me to, the guy is gonna kill me, or even worse, relegate me back to sissy status. Then again, I don’t think he really cares, he’s got too many things on his plate as it is, and he’s currently busy over in Quechee with another gig, so I’m not even sure when he’ll be back, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve got things to do.

Some of the things I need to do are a bit daunting, and may require that I use real man tools that intimidate me, but other things are pretty straightforward and only require me to take the initiative and have a spare chunk of time, which isn’t easy to find in my life. That, and the fact that I hate cleaning.

Oh well, no excuses, right? Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Earls37a for the pic.

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