Saturday, March 31, 2012

Knobs On Our House

Since we were on a tear with the door knobs, I thought it was a great opportunity to put new door knobs on our own house. I’d read that it’s a good idea to at least re-key the doors to a house that you buy, because when you really get down to it, the previous owners probably still have a key to the house. Not that I don’t trust the previous owners, and let’s face it, it’s been over four years since we moved in.

The truth is, we’ve been having door issues. The mud room door knob is a bit tricky, and everyone has a hard time using it because the key gets stuck and it only works in one direction. The front door is a complete fiasco, and that door is virtually unusable because of the catch is damaged. You could open the door, but forget about closing it, it takes a monumental effort that literally rocks the house to its foundation.

I installed the new door knobs on both doors, and voila, we were suddenly in business. Not only do we have snazzy new door knobs, but we can actually use the front door. Part of the problem was the catch plate was so warped that the door couldn’t latch on. With the new hardware, it works beautifully. I was so stoked.

Now all we need is a new French door deadbolt and latch, and we are good to go. I sure do love when that happens.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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