Friday, May 7, 2010

Informed by Roofers

As I may have mentioned, we'd been putting off the roofers for about six months, but according to them, we were locked into our price because we submitted the proper forms and they were going to come in the Spring. However, their arrival was dependent upon us paying the deposit, with which they would buy the supplies and then install.

Of course, when large amounts of money are involved, R and I tend to sweat it out. We stalled for about a month, and they were very patient. Part of the problem was that any trim or fascia (there's that word again) work had to be finished before they came, so that gave us an excuse.

However, just the other day, they called to inform us that the price of supplies was going up in a week or two, and that in order to guarantee our price, they needed the deposit and they'd hold the supplies until we were ready.

Of course, we fell in line and sent it in. For full disclosure, R sent in the deposit before the call, but it was still a relief, and got me to thinking, were they just yanking our chain to get us off our behinds? Were they tired of waiting and were worried we were getting cold feet? Whatever be the case, it's a moot issue, because it is work we want done, and we had sent the check in already.

Still, it makes you wonder...

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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