Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Master

Not wanting to limit my real man training to construction, I set out to do yardwork last weekend, and got a lot done. Not only that, but I was feeling somewhat despondent over how our yard was looking as the weeds were slowly taking over, but found that after a good, thorough mowing, it actually looked good. So much so that it filled me with a new sense of hope, and reminds you of how life is all about the little things.

I also finished repairing the deer fence around the garden, which is all the more important because our sprouts are beginning to burst forth from the soil, and I just saw a deer prowling around the garden, not to mention the dreaded woodchuck. Protective measures were in order.

And finally, I trimmed some shrubs around the garden that were completely out of control. Amazing what a pair a sheers can do for you. Had a bit of drama with the compost bins, but that's a story for another time.

Just for the record, to adequately acknowledge my Mentor's warning about letting the weeds run freely, I have decided that this year I'm not going to humor the kids and let the wildflowers go awry. Last year we let the yard go to heck because the kids loved playing with the flowers, but I really think we are suffering for it. The weeds are out of control, so this time around, no mercy. Besides, there are plenty of areas in the yard where the wildflowers are beautiful, so we don't need more on our lawn. I'll spare some of the lupines.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ariel da Silva Parreira for the pic.

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