Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fascia Maniac

As I've informed my mentor, I've become a fascia maniac. I actually put a fair amount of the stuff in the front and back. It will be the gable sides, however, that will break my heart, because they involve mitered and beveled cuts, which never go over very well.

In the meantime, I can stew in self-satisfaction for at least getting one thing done that was causing me anxiety and stress, kind of like everything in my life.

I do think a trip to the mill is in my future, need more rough cut wood. I can't believe this, but most of the rough cut wood that I'd had delivered last Summer is gone. When those 1X12 boards arrived, I thought to myself, what the heck am I going to do with those? There are so many, why did we get so much? And sure enough, it's all gone, and now I still need to do the fascia work on the dormers. Let's not even get into the soffit work, which will be an entirely new drama.

Today is Wednesday, and though I have a million things to do, I will focus on getting the ROs properly cut so I can be ready tomorrow for JH to arrive and we can install doors. This should be good, and at the very least, entertaining, depending on who you ask, and when.

Until then, thanks for reading.

That's what I am, a fascia maniac. So much so that I can't stop saying it.

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