Monday, July 27, 2009

Week of No Returns and Dealing with Next Week

Last week was tough, we were out and about every day with camp and the weather was lousy (how much rain can a person endure?) so of course I got nothing done around the house. This was aggravated by the fact that our lawnmower kicked the bucket-I'm not sure what's going on, but after doing a little research, I think it has something to do with the fuel line or carb. Listen to me, as if I had any idea what I was talking about.

Did I mention that our critter is back and raiding the compost bin? The one tiny spot that I had left unattended was sure enough where he struck, but it was enough to drive a couple of stakes in and close the door on that one. Somehow I seriously doubt that this is the last we'll see of him, even if we now have the Fort Knox of compost bins.

I did resolve to change the oil in our car myself. Something every real man does. And I also thought it was time to store the beloved chainsaw. My original plan was to use up the nearly two gallons of gas that I still have in the can, but it's about two months old, and the guys at Joe's said don't use it if it's more than two months. I also read somewhere that one month was the limit. While I hate to waste the gas, I'm more concerned about the welfare of the saw. So I'll use up what's in there and then prepare it for the winter. Makes my life easier, actually, and will help me overcome my OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) for firewood and move on with my life. I've cut about half a cord and will stack that in the woods for splitting next year.

Now comes the lawnmower. Now in the past I've been guilty of not storing it properly, and now that's come back to haunt me. The darn thing won't start, and I think a trip to Joe's in order. Darn. The good guys at Joe's did say that I could fix it myself if I was handy, but that there were a lot of small parts and if one got lost, then forget about it, so I'm leaning to taking it in. In the meantime, our yard looks like something out of Wild Kingdom, it sort of bums me out. Maybe I should get an old fashioned push mower while the other one is out.

We've also decided to do something about our lawn. Not sure what, I have no experience in dealing with grass other than smoking the stuff, but something has to be done, and I'm guessing I'm the one to do it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Lynne Lancaster for the pic.

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