Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Living a Meatloaf Song

Two out of three ain't bad, as the saying goes. We borrowed GL's big truck and made a family trip out to Home Depot expressly to get a chest freezer, and ended up getting two rugs, as well. Home Depot has this huge tent in their parking lot selling rugs and implying that you can get them at clearance prices, with is just a marketing sham because the tent is always out there. I'm no expert on rugs, but they still seem expensive to me, but I think everything is expensive.

We uncharacteristically got sidetracked and spent an hour in the rug tent, and R picked two out. We then went inside and they were sold out of the chest freezer we wanted. In fact, they didn't even have a floor model, and their selection was a bit shoddy. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in Home Depot, the salesperson seemed to not know what was going on and pulled the "old search and find info" to my question thing, i.e., she didn't really know the answer, though she was pretty quick on her feet and played it off well.

We bought the two rugs, and then went to Sears and got our freezer. It turns out that (according to the salesperson) Kenmore is a better brand, anyway... funny how that works. Being the complete sucker for a sales pitch, I of course bought into it and we got the freezer. His words didn't seal the deal or change anything, we were destined to get a freezer, but it made me feel good that we had serendipity (according to his wisdom, mind you) on our side.

Well, it turned out that one of the rugs was great, the other one just didn't work, and the freezer had a big ding in it. We had to borrow GL's truck once again, he was super helpful, and we got a new freezer, no question's asked-I was a little concerned they would give me a hard time, but Sears has kick-butt customer service. At one point I thought we could live with the damage, mainly due to the hassle of getting GL's truck and returning the darn thing, but I decided that was a lame way to go. We paid for a new freezer and that's exactly what we should have got, or at least one in pristine condition.

So we got it. We now have a new freezer to store meat and fruit, and a beautiful new rug in our front entry way (the kids thought it would make a great place to make Lego creations). The other rug we'll have to be exchange, but two out of three ain't bad. I'll take it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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