Friday, July 24, 2009

First Steps

Me thinks the first steps to doing this barn will be to contact the excavator and get the darn septic system in. I haven't spoken to these guys in months and I'm sure they've written me off as a complete flake, which is not unwarranted. Then again, they may be stoked to hear from me because a job is a job.

There is, however, 0ne serious matter that needs to be attended to, and that's the front porch deck. For whatever reason it was made with a slope into the house, and during heavy storms the water pools up against the house, and then seeps into the basement. It's kind of a serious thing, and makes me wonder why MG, who is a very together person, made such a screw up in design. Either way, DIY Dave said not to let it go another winter, so with word from above, it must be done. My mentor seems excited about the prospect of tearing the thing up, and it of course terrifies me. But such are the tests for a real man in training.

I'll have to talk to my mentor about what I need to do. If it simply entails tearing the thing up with a sledgehammer, I think I can do that. But if it requires some skill and finesse, then I'm already in way over my head. We'll see where to go with this one.

I haven't mowed the lawn in weeks, and we've been getting so much rain that the grass is growing like... well, grass. I need to get on that and will hope for some sunny weather.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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