Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coming Into Focus, Firewood Progress, the House and Garden

The barn project is coming more into focus, and we don't feel as dejected or discouraged. What a difference a day makes, though it still amazes me how much people do to their houses and don't seem to blink an eye at the cost. Crazy. After speaking with mentor and his friend D, we have a better sense of what to do and how to do it. It's going to be an astronomical job, but according to the people in the know, a "fun" project. We'll see how that turns out. First things first-secure funds and get the septic put in. There are times I do wonder why we are embarking on this whole thing in the first place, but some questions are better not asked.

We'll also need to get some key tools. I have the miter saw and good cordless drill, but I'll need a reciprocating saw and table saw. Time to hit Home Depot. I did learn that even pro contractors don't get a break at HD, and got two thumbs up for LaValley's, so it looks like we'll be spending some time over there, even if they aren't all warm and fuzzy. Apparently it's where the pros shop, so they don't need to give me hugs and kisses. Not that I needed them.

We have our own house projects that need to be attended to. The problem of our leaky front deck can no longer be ignored, and according to Dave, we shouldn't let it go another winter. So me and my mentor will need to tear it up, change the angle of inclination, and replace the tile. In the world according to Dave, it should cost around $300. My kind of estimate. Once you start getting into four figures, it makes me nervous. My mentor is fearless and I can see the eager anticipation in his eyes of using real man tools as well as the process of cutting, destroying, and rebuilding. This should be interesting, to say the least.

Quick notes-the wood is almost completed. I've got 75% of two years of wood cut, split, stacked and covered. The last 25% needs to be covered and then we're done. Actually, we're good to go as it is since this winter's wood is ready to burn. Need to get more tarps. Also, I'm stacking the unsplit blocks in the woods, and that's a relief. This entire path was filled with seven cords of cut but unsplit blocks. At least the wood is protected from rotting and is out of the way. Finally, I still need to cut my extra six cords, as well as use up the gas for my chainsaw before it goes south.

Did I mention I need to paint the trim and clapboards on the back? And the grass needs cutting? Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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