Friday, July 24, 2009

New Look Johnny

So I've gone and done it again. Am I dork, or what? I've changed the look on this blog, as well as my parenting blog, though I've got to admit I'm rather partial to the current look. This is supposed to be ochre, whatever the heck that is. I thought it looked greenish but at this point I'm not sure. Whatever color it actually is, it seems to go with the green, and this seems to be the only template that lets me use a big image at the center. Man, it's hard being so clueless about these things.

I was going to use this image for my parenting blog, as well, what with the whole family theme and all, but I've got one already (compliments of my wife) and this one seems to say what I'd like to say, though don't ask me what that is... please!

Either way, thanks for reading.

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