Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Not My Fault and Home Stuff

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that we actually burned wood on the 10th of July, or at least around there. It's crazy to think of burning wood this late into July, or even in July, for that matter, but the weather has been crazy. It's been raining like you wouldn't believe, and cool, with little to no signs of the sun. I'm no expert on New England weather, but it strikes me as strange. Not sure what to make of it, but our garden is taking a beating and it makes it hard to get a lot done around the house, at least on the outside. I spoke with my beef contact JM and he said he couldn't cut the grass in the field to pasture his cows until just recently because of the rain. It's funny, but everyone is talking about the weather, including yours truly.

I will say this, however-I don't miss the grueling heat. Not that it ever gets that bad up here, I shouldn't whine, but some of those hot, humid summer days really get me down. It's been cool, at the very least, just no sun. And when the sun doesn't shine for days, it can be a bummer.

Oh well, it's been nice the past few days, so we'll take that. In fact, when the sun does shine, the weather has been stellar.

Speaking of wood, I finally finished the wood for the next two years and need to cover 2010's stack. Then begins the process of cutting our second big pile and storing the blocks somewhere in the woods. Should be interesting, and no stress, so fun. I'm hoping that my piles add up to eight cords, four for this winter, four for next. If any wood-people out there beg to differ, please share your thoughts, your input would be much appreciated. With the wood and our fuel contract with Irving all in order, I think we're set this next year at least in terms of heat. As for everything else, we'll see.

Also speaking of wood, my sensei who says he could cut down the tree behind the barn is expecting me to help out in felling the tree, so another notch in my real-man training.

Finally, we got the ultimate real-man accessory for summer, a barbecue. Sure, not manly as far BBQs go, but it works, and the kids get a huge kick out of it. In fact, they go bonkers for the thing, though I'm not sure I want to encourage pyromaniac ways. Even still, it is nice to grill food and eat outdoors during the warmer days. We've been finishing off every meal with s'mores, which adds to the fun. We simply grill them over the coals. We've lucked out with the weather, though it was threatening rain all night last night and didn't come down until we were all done. Much thanks to the rain gods.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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