Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tool Time

One cool by-product of this house project will be that we're going to get some new tools, and some serious ones. Ones that I thought would be cool to have but could never really justify buying-namely a table saw and a reciprocating saw. Just another real man plug-Home Improvement Dave (HID) complimented me on my tools and tool bag. Did I mention this already? Always looking for some validation, it's my insecurities talking. I'm sure there are other things I'll need, but for now, that's where it stands.

Talked to my sensei about doing the roofing job and once again it was hard to get some definite info out of him. He's so laid back, everything is just "we'll talk about it." I need concrete answers, but maybe this is the process of becoming a real man-being more laid back. And they don't come any more "real-man-ish" than my sensei. He's the type who rubs dirt in a gaping wound and then goes back to work. He's also a big believer in DYI, and said he would teach me how to do the roof and that I could help. Yikes!

My son and I were at Home Depot and we looked at windows and tools. The windows didn't seem too exhorbitant, and I'm not sure where Home Improvement Dave (HID) and my mentor are getting their figures, but they're talking $10,000 for new ones, which I can tell you right now is not going to happen. The tools looked affordable, as well. At the least the reciprocating saw, not sure what a table saw will run, but more research is in order.

Did my karate exercises last night, at least a good number of them. And only one day after class, no less. I'm on a roll and there ain't no stopping me.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to James Goneaux for the pic.

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