Thursday, April 26, 2012

Real Man Injury

Last week I was trying to build a hockey net out of extra rough cut wood, and I hurt myself pretty badly. Not bad enough to elicit sympathy from the real men I know, because I didn’t lose any digits or limbs, but bad enough to where I was whining and hungering for sympathy. The problem was I got sloppy, and paid the price. The net is about 4 feet high, which isn’t that high, but required using a drill at an awkward angle. I also had to press down to drive in the screw, and they were long screws, about 4 inches.

Anyway, at some point, when I was trying to push the screw down, the drill slipped and drove right into my thumb. In a way, I was lucky it was as screw driver bit and not a drill bit, because that would have been nasty. The injury was nonetheless painful, if not a bit gruesome.

Nothing was broken, but I couldn’t use my thumb for a bit, and I could very well lose the nail. It’s not pretty, but it gives me an excuse not to spar in karate, and it might even get a sympathetic nod of approval from my real-man friends, for whom I can’t be a sissy.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to thenakedsnail for the pic.

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