Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barn Update

The barn is moving along nicely, though we hit a bit of a stall with KB on vacation, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t still in motion. Besides, it allowed me to finish the jobs on my to-do list. The electrician has been coming regularly and has installed boxes and wires all over the place. He’s also a contractor and has been giving me advice on the small projects that I am doing, and it’s much appreciated. GD is a real down to earth and cool guy, I appreciate his input.

The next big project will be to run the power line from our house to the barn, and that’s going
involve several people. First off, we need to dig a trench, or by KB’s estimations, I need to dig a trench. The plan is to rent a “Ditch Witch” that can do the job in about an hour. Then, we’ll lay a pipe down that will house the wire, and the electrician will install a breaker or box or whatever they call it. We had to make some decisions as to where ceiling lights will go, but I really relied on the opinion and advice of the pros, i.e., KB and GD. The bathroom fan lights that I ordered (re: HD fiasco) arrived, and I left them with GD to do what he needs to do.

We need to finalize the insulation decision, but after consulting with my Mentor and speaking with others in the know, I’m pretty convinced that we’ll use fiberglass. I’m sick of fielding opinions, especially from hardcore energy folks who promote the gospel of uber-efficiency. At some point you have to ask yourself how sealed up and air tight you want your house to be, and how much is enough, or more than enough. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate their zeal for reducing energy consumption, but it’s easy to be enthusiastic about it when it’s not on your dime.

Once the insulation is in, and who knows when that will be, we’ll put up the drywall, and then I’m guessing either the floor or the trim. Then we’ll have to think about siding and all that good stuff. How crazy is that?

Until then, thanks for reading.

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