Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Door Knob Crazy

One good turn deserves another, as the saying goes. We put all new door knobs on the barn and our house, but I’d forgotten that there is a door on the second floor of the barn, and we also should replace the deadbolt the French Doors on our house. Back to LaValley’s, who for the record have been very helpful with this endeavor. In fact, not only have they had the things I wanted, but they were friendly, and their prices were very competitive with Home Depot. Plus, I get a discount because I have an account over there. You gotta love that.

Anyway, the one complication is that our French Doors have unusual hardware, and I cannot find an exact match. I can come close with the deadbolt, but it’s slightly off from the handle, which is somewhat unique. I like it, and N has indicated that he’d prefer a handle on that door, so we’ll keep it for now, but eventually I’d like to find a handle that matches the color of the deadbolt. The main issue is that most handles are much bigger, and the current one is small.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a minor issue, but an issue, nonetheless. Thanks for reading.

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