Friday, July 16, 2010

Plumbing Master and the Next Roof Stage

JH is one of my new heroes. The guy should wear tights and a cape. He came over and fixed the darn pipes without hesitating. I would have cogitated on the problem for months before doing anything, but he just jumped right in. And, he's got a serious tool kit (can anyone say "real-man?), complete with a propane torch. Amazing.

We set about immediately to fix the outdoor faucet. The first order of business was to remove the old one, which entailed unscrewing it, of all thing. I didn't realize it was all one piece, and you simply unscrewed it and pulled it through. At first glance, it looked to me like it had been welded together, but that seems to be some sort of artifact of continuous running water. After pulling it through, we got into JH's car and headed over to the hardware store. He even let me drive his car, which is a Honda Fit. We are toying with getting one, and it was nice to give it a spin. Nice car.

We went to Britton's, but they didn't have the right size and would have to order it, which would take a few days. Being the men of action that we are, this wouldn't do, so we jetted over to Woodstock Home and Hardware and found the right size. And they had two of them.

B never showed up, and he did call, but the guy is losing credibility over here. Not sure where to go with that one. We do need someone to come and look at that floor, however. I will give him a call.

Finally, I took the plunge and called the roofers and told them to "Come on down." Just call me Bob Barker. They said they will probably come in the next week, so I have to get on that roof and clean off all the moss. Since the trees were cut down, the moss has sort of died off, but it's still sitting on the shingles. I need to get up there with a broom and sweep the stuff off, which isn't rocket science, but entails working up on the roof, which is never a fun proposition, especially in light of the fact that my friend just recently fell off the roof and thought he broke his back. Ouch! Plus, it is not as if I have a lot of free time, especially since dumplings have taken over our lives, but no sense in whining about it... as if that ever stopped me.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to ARL and NRL for the pics.

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